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dualistic skincare set
"The moisturizer is incredible!"

"I love that the setting spray gives me a quick shot of moisture when I need it."

"My skin hasn't felt this good in 20 years!"

I make my all-natural skin care products with ingredients literally found in nature, such as almond and avocado oil, and no chemicals or “unnatural” ingredients. My all-natural skin care products can be used by both women and men, and my skin care products serve double (and more!) duty for skin, hair, and nails. So many possibilities!

I've been making these all-natural products for years and I'm so excited to now be sharing them with you!

P. S. All of my product containers are reusable/recyclable, and I use cornstarch-based biodegradable packaging for shipping.
dualistic moisturizer
dualistic setting spray
dualistic skincare set
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Dualistic™ Base Powder
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