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13 Things To Do
Armed with a laptop (or tablet, or even a phone) you can still get a lot done when physical limitations or illness gets in the way of running your business. (Ask me how I know this. Ugh!)

I've come up with 13 + 1 Things You Can Do that will keep your business productive even when you aren't. Feel free to add other ideas in the comment section, and together we'll keep this business called entrepreneurship productive!

13 + 1 Things To Do For Your Business

   1) Create a website
If you haven't taken the time yet to create a website, now is the time! Even if you just create one page that introduces who and what your business is about, it's good to have a web presence. There are a lot of website creator services out there for anyone from novice to expert. Search for "website creator", "website builder" or any variation thereof and you'll find lots of resources. (If you're curious what I use, it's Yola.)

   2) Or, spruce up your website
If you already have a website, then good on you! Now use this time to spruce it up. Update your bio, replace or add photos, add that review section you've been meaning to get to. Even little tweaks make a big difference.

   3) Spruce up your social media
Love it or hate it, social media is essential to running a business. If you're not on it, get on it. If you are on it, take time to spiffy it up. Make sure your photos are big, bright, and of good visual quality. Find industry-related articles to share. New content carries more algorithm weight than already shared re-posted content. Also find industry-related businesses to follow. And make good use of tags. Using too little or too many tags can hurt your posts. Ten tags is a good average to use.

   4) Bone up on coding
If you're computer savvy at all, it's good to know at least a little coding. It boosts your brain power, and for that website you finally created, it opens up more ways for you to have creative control of how your website looks. If you don't know what coding is, search for "basic coding", "learning how to code" or other variations. If you already know how to code, use this time to check if there is new coding coming out that could be of benefit.

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   5) Clear out files on your computer
I'm pretty minimalist, but files still manage to pile up on my computer. This is a good time to start looking through those folders and see if there are any old, outdated files/photos on your hard drive that you can delete. You don't have to tackle all of them at once, but even a quick once-over is a good pick-me-up for your computer.

   6) Clean up your Favorites/Bookmarks
Same thing for your Favorites/Bookmarks folders on your web browser. I have a folder labeled "Things To Read Later". I'll see business articles online that sound interesting that I'll bookmark to read when I have more time; but, guess what? I never get around to reading them. Use this time to clear out old pages that you don't need anymore.

   7) Spruce up product/service descriptions
Whether you sell products or services as part of your business, use this time to jazz up descriptions. Search for popular keywords that will help your products or services to be found in searches. Also think like a customer and use words and phrasing you would use to look for what you sell or do.

   8) Restructure product pricing
Are your prices low enough? Are they high enough?! You don't want to price yourself out of sales, but you also don't want to sell yourself short. There are simple formulas for pricing that you can find online, and also check out your competition. Work on finding that sweet spot that makes your customer feel like they're getting a good product/service at a good price, but also gives you a respectful bottom line.

   9) Brainstorm new products/services
Whatever product or service you sell, think of ways to incorporate something new, or at the very least a variation of what you're already selling. Is there a new add-on product you can offer? How about a VIP service at a special price?

   10) Pay it forward
If you're familiar with Etsy, there is a feature called Treasury that is a member-curated shopping gallery. Creating treasuries is fun and it's a nice way of helping out fellow entrepreneurs, while also gaining some exposure for yourself. Even if you're not on Etsy, you have the world at your fingertips for finding and featuring interesting products/services/people/businesses that you can showcase on your blog. (Don't have a blog? Now is the time to create that too!)

   11) Look up "National Day of" ideas
Speaking of blogs, if you're in need of topics, how about "National Day of" something. As I'm writing this (December 27), today is "National Fruitcake Day". Search online for "national day" and you'll find a countless supply of "day of" celebration ideas to write about.

   12) Plan future topics
And speaking of topics, use this time to plan what your future blog or newsletter topics will be. (You could write a whole year's worth of posts about what "National Day" it is!)

   13) Plan holiday marketing for the year
Christmas is over, but you know it's coming again in 12 short months. Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, National Wiggle Your Toes Day.....they all come around every year. Make this the year you're armed and ready to roll out those solid marketing ideas for how you're going to gear your product or service sales pitch to each holiday.

   14) Oh, and just one more thing!
Okay, so I couldn't stop at 13. I just had to add that whether you're dealing with illness/injury or you're fit as a fiddle, take the time to take care of yourself. You can't take care of your business if you don't take care of yourself! Have a safe, happy, and productive 2016!

13 + 1 Things To Do For Your Business -

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