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Posted by Angela @ farragio on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 Under: business

I'm not a blogging expert but through trial and error I have learned some things along the way and thought I'd share these blogging tips with others.

I hope you find them helpful!

Use big, bright, eye-catching photos
Photos are a great way to catch readers' attention and keep them looking and reading.  I'm not a photographer. I have a low-end digital camera. But I do my best to create bright fun photos that pertain to my posts.  I use photo editing software to help enhance my photos.  If you don't have photo editing software, there are some great free online services you can use.  Just do a search for "free online photo editor".

When I can't achieve what I'm looking for with my own photos I use helpful stock free photo websites.  You can search for "stock free photos" to find some great websites.  If you use stock free photo websites, be sure to check what their rules are about properly crediting the photos.

I try to take my own advice and double-check my spelling and grammar but I'll still find mistakes occasionally, so you can never be too vigilant.  Spelling and grammatical errors are the equivalent of having a mustard stain on your tuxedo.  You just can't help but focus on the spot that makes a good piece look not quite so good.

Don't clutter up your advertising space
I notice this a lot.  I'm trying to enjoy someone's blog but the countless banners down the sides of the page are distracting, and they're so jammed up that it's hard to distinguish one ad from the next.  It's great to use your blog as a source of income but you do yourself and your advertisers a disservice if things look messy.  Play around with placement and try to keep things simple.

Make links open in new tabs
It's frustrating to be reading a blog post that has reference links to other pages and when you click on the link, instead of it opening in a new tab for checking out later, the page you're trying to read goes to the link you've clicked.  A remedy is to hold the control button when clicking the link, but instead of making the reader do the work, just go ahead and set up the link to open in another tab.  Most blog editors provide the option to open links in new tabs, and if they do, use it!  If they don't, and you don't know how to set up the link to open in a new tab search for "HTML open link in new tab" for more help.

Don't apologize!
So many times I come across a blog where the blogger apologizes for not posting in awhile.  It comes across as telling your readers you didn't have time for them, and nobody wants to read that.  Don't even point out that you haven't blogged for awhile.  People read blogs to be entertained and informed.  Just start blogging again and make your readers feel welcome and excited for what you have to share.

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