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Teenagers, when interviewing for a job, follow these tips to make a good impression. Not following them is a surefire way not to get the job!

  1. Turn your phone off.

  2. Turn your phone off. (It bears repeating!)

  3. Don't chew gum. It's not pleasant to hear smacking.

  4. Don't wear a baseball cap or any other type of hat. Just don't.

  5. Try not to wear jeans, but if you must do so, make sure they're clean and free of rips and tears. Resale shops are a great place to pick up an inexpensive pair of jeans or even a nice outfit to wear to an interview. For either boys or girls, you can't go wrong with khaki or dark slacks and a white button-up shirt.

  6. Same for shoes. Make sure they're clean and free of rips and tears. And ditto on the resale shops.

  7. If someone drives you to the interview, have them come back in half an hour to pick you up. It doesn't make a good impression to see your girlfriend/boyfriend/mother/etc waiting out in the car for you.

  8. If you smoke, (please, for your health, try to stop!) don't smoke right before the interview. Brush your teeth, wash your hands, and wear clean clothes out of the wash that you haven't smoked in yet.

  9. Turn your phone off.

  10. Smile, speak pleasantly, make good eye contact and say "Yes" instead of "yeah". It's amazing how little things can make a big impact.

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get carried away