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How To Spot Clean A Microfiber Couch

Posted by Angela @ farragio on Monday, January 9, 2017 Under: diy

Republished from an earlier post

microfiber couch

We're in the midst of redecorating our living room and last week we purchased a new couch set (sofa set? tomayto, tomahto?). I was so excited to get the new furniture. It was our first time to purchase microfiber and the one thing I didn't consider, and didn't even realize until we got the furniture home is that our dog, Chanel, drools in her sleep. How unladylike! So our options seemed to be either get rid of the furniture (never!), get rid of the dog (Chanel would never allow that), or figure out how to clean microfiber.

When I searched online, I was bummed to find out you can't use water to clean microfiber. I found some how-to's for using rubbing alcohol or vodka (non-water based liquids) and then buffing with a brush but since our furniture is brand new I didn't want to start wetting it down already. After stewing about it for a day or two, and giving Chanel the stink eye when she was trying to boss me around, I decided to save the alcohol for better uses (vodka tonic, anyone?) and go straight for the brush. As you'll see below, the results were fantastic!

microfiber couch
Ugh!! My brand new couch! Chanel's lucky she's so cute or she'd be out in the cold.

microfiber couch
Allow the spot to dry, then take a soft-bristled toothbrush and lightly scrub back and forth, and in a circular motion, to buff out the spots.

microfiber couch
Smooth out the nap.

microfiber couch
Voila! The couch is as good as new.


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