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Instant Gratification

Posted by Angela @ farragio on Friday, May 11, 2012 Under: life home family

There is something so special about a hot cup of tea.  Not just the cup of tea itself but the process of making it.  Heating water on the stove and waiting for the whistle of the tea kettle, the sound calling up memories of being in my grandmother’s kitchen.  Pouring the water & tea into a pretty teapot and waiting for it to steep, warm and snug under an equally pretty teapot cozy.

It’s always fun to share a cup of tea with someone.  Although my husband isn’t as fond of hot tea as I am he’ll join me in a cup occasionally.

Sometimes when I’m in a rush I have to make tea in the microwave and he wrote this cute poem for me, to make up for not being able to make it the special way.....

Instant Gratification
Two vessels dance, circling
each other on a spinning glass
Waves of heat inside their
tiny dance studio, bring them
to a boil.
What was once clear becomes
murky darkness that begins to
Creamy sweetness invades
the senses, some satisfaction for all
our toil.
~Robert P.

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In : life home family 

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