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So many possibilities!

Orange You Happy It's Here!

June 9, 2018

Happy Orange™ Orange Oil Cleaner

Say goodbye to chemical cleaners that just don't work very well. My new Happy Orange™️ all-natural orange oil cleaner is here and ready to clean for you. Made with all natural ingredients, it works on most surfaces, is safe around children and pets, and does an amazing job at cleaning.



Here It Comes

May 27, 2018

orange oil cleaner banner

When it comes to all-natural, I’m not stopping at skin care. I’ll be making my amazing home-brewed orange oil cleaner available for purchase very soon!

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Beards Are Awesome

May 13, 2018

Today is a guest post by Bobby Propes, awesome beard aficionado

Bobby Propes

Anyone with a beard knows two things:

1) Beards are awesome

2) They can be hard to maintain

This is evidenced by dry skin, wiry, coarse beard hair, beard itch and even breakouts on the skin under your beard. All of these things can be easily avoided with some simple maintenance using a beard paste. Applying a beard paste to your beard regularly can help with these problems in many ways.

A beard paste will re-hydrat...
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Facial Blotters Are Better

May 12, 2018

Dualistic™ Facial Blotters by farragio

What are facial blotters? They're small pieces of absorbant paper that are used to absorb oil from the face.

Why are they better? Because they are a way to absorb oil without adding extra makeup to the face, keeping it cleaner.

Where can they be gotten from? Why, right here :)


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What Is Setting Spray

May 10, 2018

makeup set

There hasn't been a lot of focus on setting spray, but this final step when applying makeup is essential. A good setting spray will help set makeup and keep it looking fresher, longer. And, it's a quick, easy way to refreshen makeup later in the day.

My Dualistic™ Setting Spray is full of yummy goodness for your skin!

My setting spray goes one step further in that it also moisturizes skin, which also comes in handy later in the day when your skin needs a quick pick-me-up, and it's loaded with Vitamin C which gives your skin extra nutrients. And my se...
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"My skin hasn't felt this good in 20 years!" Made with 100%
Natural & Organic Ingredients
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So many possibilities!