dualistic bottle

Dualistic™ All-Natural Setting Spray

Made only with 100% Pure and Organic Ingredients

2 fl oz


I. Love. This. Stuff! My all-natural Dualistic™ spray does double (and more!) duty. I concocted my own recipe and have loaded it with a healthy dose of Vitamin C. So good for the skin!

Use before moisturizing to set the stage for the yummy goodness that is to come with my all-natural moisturizer.

After applying makeup, follow up with a few more spritzes to give your face added moisture and brightness.

And! It can be used on hair to tame those pesky flyaways. So many possibilities!

• Comes in a recyclable glass bottle
• 2 fl oz
• 100% Purified Distilled Water
• 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin
• 100% Pure Vitamin C