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What Are the Skin Benefits of Kokum Butter

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by Mary Kate Shaver

If you are a skincare or beauty product lover, you are most likely familiar with skincare ingredients such as coconut butter, shea butter, or mango butter. These kinds of butter are often added to skincare products such as lotions, creams, or cleansers to clean the skin and help protect the moisture of the skin barrier. Coconut butter and shea butter are the most common moisturizing butter agents on the market; however, there are certain drawbacks to these plant-based moisturizers that are not commonly known.

Coconut butter does have the potential to clog pores and is a moisturizing butter with a noticeable coconut scent. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, this moisturizing butter may not be the best choice when looking for products to incorporate into your skincare routine. Shea butter does not clog pores; however it is also a scented moisturizing ingredient and this can be a drawback for some people with sensitive skin.

The Origin of Kokum Butter

Kokum (garcinia indica) butter is a pale yellow color and is derived from the kokum tree which originates from India. These trees produce the kokum fruit and seeds which are light gray in color. The seeds of this fruit-bearing tree are used to make kokum butter. The fruit kernels of the kokum tree are processed to create kokum oil which can then be refined into kokum butter. This moisturizing plant butter is then incorporated into a variety of balms, moisturizers, and hair oils to offer nourishing benefits to the skin and hair. Kokum oil can also mix well with other plant-derived oils which makes it a versatile ingredient within skincare products.

While kokum butter is less common than shea and coconut butter, it is a wonderful alternative ingredient that can offer a plethora of benefits to both the skin and hair follicles. Kokum butter is unscented and does not clog the pores of the skin, making it an amazing alternative skincare ingredient for those that have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. farragio skincare products utilize kokum butter for their moisturizing base within all of their natural skincare products.

Kokum butter is unique because it is a hard butter that maintains a solid state at room temperature. Despite its hardness, the butter melts very easily when it comes in contact with warm skin. This surprising consistency makes the product easy to transport and place into containers. However, the product is still easy to massage into the skin without leaving behind a greasy finish which is common with coconut and shea butter.

The Use of Kokum Butter in Skincare Products and Haircare Products

Kokum butter is a wonderful, natural ingredient to incorporate within skincare products. The plant-based nourishing butter can be used within a plethora of skincare products to elevate your skincare routine and help nourish your skin barrier by targeting dry skin. Natural skincare and clean ingredients are becoming more important to many skincare lovers. This conscious consumption is helping skincare consumers make the health of their bodies and skin a top priority.

Kokum butter is a natural and safe skincare ingredient that helps to nourish all skin types in a manner that does not cause irritation or clogging of pores. Oftentimes natural skin care products can seem to cause skin irritation or clogging of pores due to the use of coconut or shea butter. This can be frustrating for many people who wish to use clean skincare ingredients without compromising their sensitive or acne-prone skin. Kokum butter is a wonderful alternative ingredient that can nourish the skin without causing irritation that might be observed when using natural skin care products with other plant butters.

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Kokum Butter and Haircare Products

Kokum butter is also frequently used as an ingredient in hair conditioners and other hair care products as it is extremely nourishing and can protect against damage and hair loss. Its powerful properties help to promote healthy hair growth.

Kokum Butter Skin Benefits

Kokum butter has a plethora of skincare benefits which make it a powerful ingredient within your daily skincare routine. The versatility of kokum butter makes it the perfect ingredient addition to any skincare routine, whether you are looking to add moisture to your skincare routine or are searching for an ingredient that can help heal acne or acne scarring.

farragio uses kokum butter as an ingredient in their moisturizers, body butters, and night creams. There are a variety of nourishing products that use essential oils and kokum butter to help you advance your body care routine. The versatility of the plant butter makes it the perfect moisturizing base for all of these essential products. You can feel confident that your entire skincare routine will help you achieve the skin of your dreams without the use of dangerous or irritating ingredients.

Kokum Butter Is Extremely Moisturizing

Kokum butter is most commonly used as a moisturizing ingredient in skincare products. Like other natural butters, essential fatty acids such as oleic acids, stearic acids, and vitamin e serve as extremely powerful moisturizers. Its moisturizing abilities make it the perfect addition to many body lotions, lip balms, and hair creams. Kokum butter is also known to absorb very easily into the skin. This means that you do not look or feel greasy after its application.

Coconut butter is known to leave a greasiness over the skin which can make it a challenging ingredient to incorporate into your skincare routine. The less messy kokum butter can offer the same nourishing benefits without the stress that can come from using natural products with coconut or shea butter. farragio’s Ultimate Face Moisturizer is a powerful moisturizer that utilizes kokum butter and to nourish and restore the skin barrier.

Kokum Butter Can Help To Reduce Inflammation and Irritation

In addition to its powerful moisturizing abilities, kokum butter is also known to reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin. Common skincare problems such as acne or scarring can be challenging to treat, especially when you are trying to use natural skin care products without harsh chemicals. Kokum butter’s anti-inflammatory properties can help to minimize the appearance of redness and swelling which can commonly accompany these skincare struggles. The powerful healing abilities of this plant butter can minimize the appearance of acne and scarring without stripping your skin of essential moisture.

Many people with acne-prone skin mistakenly assume that moisturizers cause acne or make acne worse. This misconception can cause many people to strip their skin of important moisture which can in turn cause damage to the skin barrier; this lack of moisture is known to make acne and scarring even worse. Kokum butter is a great alternative to coconut oil and butter as it does not clog pores and is unscented, allowing it to serve as the perfect moisturizing ingredient for those with sensitive skin. Its nourishing makeup can help to minimize swelling and redness while also protecting the moisture of your skin barrier. Kokum butter also contains powerful antioxidant properties, and the antibacterial properties of the butter can help reduce signs of acne breakouts and promote healthy skin.

Kokum Butter Can Help To Slow Signs of Aging

The moisturizing properties of kokum butter can also help to reduce some of the first signs of aging. Kokum butter can help to minimize the appearance of fine lines and age spots as it restores moisture to the skin which in turn helps to tighten and firm the face and neck. The vegetable butter can also help protect against free radicals which are associated with aging and cell damage. Skincare products such as farragio’s Vitamin C+ Nighttime Face Cream utilize kokum butter as a top ingredient to promote glowing skin and minimize the first signs of aging.

Incorporating Kokum Butter into Your Personal Skincare Routine

The prospect of curating a natural and clean skincare routine can seem impossible at times when you are exposed to the countless skincare products that are sold within the beauty industry. However, paying close attention to the ingredients that are used within your skincare products can help you to navigate this confusing world of skincare and wellness. Prioritizing the health of your skin barrier is one of the most important steps to take when crafting your skincare routine.

Finding the perfect nourishing ingredient that restores moisture and targets some of your most challenging skincare struggles is challenging, but kokum butter is the perfect plant-derived butter for the job. With its non-greasy finish and its ability to reduce inflammation, you can feel confident in the power of your skincare products. Kokum butter based skincare products can be more difficult to source than coconut or shea butter items, but farragio offers a variety of natural, organic, and clean skincare solutions that utilize the powerful and nourishing kokum butter.

The process of incorporating more natural skincare products into your routine does not have to be stressful or challenging. Clean skincare brands such as farragio can help you to upgrade your skincare routine with the use of powerful ingredients like kokum butter.

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