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DIY Oxi Laundry Spray

Posted by • farragio • on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, In : Home 

happy girl playing on clothesline

by Angela Propes

I used to use OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover Spray, which is a great product, but it is a bit pricey, and I wasn't thrilled with the chemicals it contained. So, I decided to make something natural that would still work well on laundry.

I searched the internet and tried a couple of recipes, but they called for baking soda (or washing soda) and every time I tried to use the spray the baking soda would clog the tube and nozzle of my spray bottle. Very frustrating!

I se...
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Why DIY Natural Air Fresheners Are Better

Posted by • farragio • on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, In : Home 

amber spray bottle surrounded by lemons and herbs

by Karen Ladd

We all love a home full of loving, comforting and relaxing scents. When we spray an air freshener or burn a candle our body reacts, whether we realize it or not. There is science that explains this.

The scent/memory connection

The limbic system in our body comprises a set of structures within our brains that are big players in affecting our memory, mood, emotion and behavior. This is why the smell of a pipe might bring back the memory of a grandfather, or a certain perf...
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3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Home Clean and Stress-Free

Posted by • farragio • on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, In : Home 

bright and airy living room

by Leslie Campos

Recent data from the American Cleaning Institute show that American adults spend about six hours cleaning every week. Whether you do all your housework on one day or a little bit at a time throughout the week, you likely spend a considerable amount of time cleaning. While tedious work, the science is clear: your mental health gets a big boost when you live in a clean and organized home.

The following three steps can help you streamline your housekeeping process.


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6 Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Posted by • farragio • on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, In : Home 

clean and organized bathroom with white and grey decor

by Angela Propes

What do baby wipes, old washcloths, and denture cleaner all have in common? They make quick cleanup of your bathroom. Keep your bathroom company-ready with these quick cleaning tips...

1. Bathroom Vanity

clean and uncluttered bathroom vanity
Keep a box of baby wipes under the bathroom sink and each morning after you've finished getting ready for the day give the sink, faucet, and vanity a quick swipe with a baby wipe and toss in the trash.

2. Hair Products

collection of hair products
If you find that your hair products are l...
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