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What are the differences between the various methods of artificial tanning?

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by Mary Kate Shaver

Attaining the perfect faux glow and tan color can be extremely important to some people within the beauty and makeup industry. Striving for a dark tan is quite popular within the beauty and makeup world, and there are a variety of ways to achieve that entire body golden glow. Many people look for quick and easy options to add color to their fair skin, and options such as self-tanning lotions, tanning beds, or spray tans are utilized to enhance their glow. However, research in recent years has shown that some of these methods are more harmful than others. Most people are already aware that direct sun exposure can be dangerous for the skin as damaging UV light can increase the risks of skin cancer. Research has also shown that some sunless tanners can also be damaging to the skin. In this article, we will discuss the different methods of tan solutions and the risks and benefits associated with each method.

Tanning Using a Tanning Bed

One of the most well-known methods of tanning is utilizing a tanning bed or tan machine at a spa or professional tanning salon. These beds contain lamps that imitate the UV rays that the sun emits. This process eliminates the appearance of pale skin, and the customer is left with a noticeable tan skin tone. While this quick process may seem appealing to many, it is a quite risky process. The light emitted by these tanning beds can be extremely dangerous and pose the same dangers that traditional sun exposure may. To minimize your risk of skin-related issues such as skin cancer, it is recommended that you turn to other fake tan methods to achieve glowing skin.

Sunless Tanning with the Use of a Spray Tan

Many tanning salons also offer professional spray tan services that do not utilize a tanning bed. Spray tans utilize tan booths to administer a fine mist over the body that contains the active ingredient DHA. DHA reacts with the amino acids in the skin and alters the color of the skin to showcase a bronzed appearance. Because a fine mist is applied all over the body, it is very important to protect mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose, and mouth from the spray tan. Whilst there is no evidence suggesting DHA is harmful for external use, it could be dangerous if ingested or inhaled. These services are usually considered to be much safer than artificial tanning beds as they do not mimic harmful UV rays to bring about glowing skin. Some individuals are slightly concerned regarding the concentration of DHA within spray tans. While there is no concrete evidence suggesting that this main ingredient is harmful, it is important to assess each tanning solution carefully, especially when strong chemicals are involved.

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Self-Tanners: Self-Tanning Lotions, Self-Tanning Sprays, Self-Tanning Mousse

For many people, the idea of traveling to a professional tanning salon can be intimidating and potentially expensive. If you would like to tan from the comfort of your own home, there are a variety of sunless tanning products that can help you achieve your goal of glowing skin. Self-tanning lotions and tanning mousses are some of the most popular tanning products on the market. These products are known for their ability to function as gradual tanners. With a few applications, you can build up the color to achieve the tan skin of your dreams without worrying about appearing orange. This buildability of these products ensures that you achieve a natural-looking tan every time.

Self-tanning products utilize DHA similarly to spray tans and this main ingredient adheres to dead skin cells. Because the darker pigmentation is attached to dead skin cells, it is very important to moisturize your skin after fake tanning to maximize the lasting power of your tanning lotion. Some self-products even contain naturally moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to ensure that your bronzed appearance lasts. It is best to apply tanning lotions using a self-tanning mitten to apply the product lightly to your skin using circular motions. Utilizing circular hand motions during application can help to ensure that the tanning product is applied evenly and there will be no noticeable streaks once the lotion or mousse has been set on the skin.

Self-tanning sprays, lotions, and other products help to alleviate the stress of finding and paying for salon services, however, it is still important to remember to check the ingredients within each unique self-tanning product to ensure their safety for external use. At-home self-tanning products can help you to feel and look your best before special occasions and exciting events. The process is usually quite fast and easy during which the self-tanning product is applied and allowed to sit for a set amount of time before washing off and leaving a glowing complexion.

Adding A Glowing Appearance Using Cosmetic Bronzers

If you would prefer to avoid chemicals such as DHA, yet would still like to enhance your natural glow, there are a variety of cosmetic bronzers on the market that can help you to safely achieve this look. Cosmetic bronzers come in a variety of forms that range from powders to creams and can help you to achieve a bronzed and glowing appearance. These pigmented products feature color additives that can enhance the pigmentation of your natural skin tone in a similar way to other makeup products such as blush or eyeshadow. While these products are most commonly used on the face, you can also dust your collarbones or legs with these products to enhance your complexion and achieve glowing skin. Again, it is always important to check the ingredients within cosmetic bronzers to ensure that all of the ingredients are safe and promote no risk to your health. However, there are a variety of natural and clean beauty brands that offer wonderful cosmetic bronzers.

Regardless of whether you artificially tan your skin or embrace a fair complexion, it is always important to remember to check ingredients in any cosmetic products before incorporating them into your skincare routine. With a variety of options available on the market, you are sure to find the ideal tanning method that suits your needs.

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