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Your Health: Advocating for Wellness

Posted by • farragio • on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 Under: Health

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by Sheila Johnson

No one can advocate for your health like you can. After all, only you know how you feel. There are many things you can do to get the best possible care.

Advocacy 101

Part of advocating for yourself is making sure you understand what you need to know about your health. You should feel comfortable with your medical provider so you can be open about any concerns. You're paying your doctor for their expertise, and they work for you, so don't be afraid to ask questions. To remember everything you want to ask your doctor, write down a list of questions before your appointment. Taking notes at your appointment provides a reference if you forget something. If you need emotional support or help, take a family member or trusted friend with you.

If you're unsure about a diagnosis or if you're stressed about it, feel free to get a second opinion. If you don't feel your provider is supportive or knowledgeable, check your insurance for other in-network providers.

Insurance and Medical Records

To be a strong advocate, you need to know your rights. For example, HIPAA guarantees confidentiality regarding your medical records and gives you the right to get a copy of your records. You also have a right to informed consent, which means that your doctor must explain what will happen regarding your medical care in a way you understand. In addition, the Patient's Bill of Rights, which deals with insurance rights as part of the Affordable Care Act, may offer you additional protection.

Understanding your insurance, including any deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, will help you advocate for yourself. Review your medical bills and report any errors. If money is an issue, free preventative care is available for those who qualify under the Affordable Care Act.

Ask your provider in American Fork for a copy of your medical records, including lab results. If you decide to get a second opinion or see a specialist, you'll have them on hand. There are free online tools you can use to keep all of your X-rays and medical records safe in one file by uploading and merging them, and then downloading everything into a file. And if you have multiple videos related to your condition, use a tool that will let you easily combine video online. Many of these tools allow you to simply drag and drop your files, after which the tool will take care of all the hard work for you.

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Healthy Lifestyle and Your Health

If your doctor recommends a healthier lifestyle, take control of your health by changing your diet and getting plenty of exercise. For example, if you work, get in additional physical activity by taking a walk on your lunch break or choosing the stairs instead of the elevator.

If your home in American Fork is too much for you to maintain due to health issues, you may consider a senior living facility. However, if you discover that you have a serious health issue that will require skilled nursing or constant care, a nursing home would be more beneficial for you. Before choosing a facility, read online reviews and take a tour. Research the cost, your payment options, and detailed reports about the facility.

Take Charge To Feel Well

You're the best person to advocate for your health, and doing so will make you feel stronger and increase your self-esteem. While working to empower yourself from the inside, try farragio skincare products to feel better on the outside, too.

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