farragio All-Natural Calming Spa Spray

All-Natural Calming Spa Spray

2 fl oz
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Treat yourself to a calming spa experience anywhere and anytime! My NEW All-Natural Calming Spa Spray is designed to help you cool down and relax. Enjoy the effects of a soothing mist, while calming your mind, body, and soul. Blissful relaxation and refreshing relief from heat and stress are right at your fingertips. Just lightly mist my specially-formulated spray onto your face, back of your neck, wrists, even your feet to generate a soothing mist of plant-based ingredients that will cool you down and reduce stress associated with hot conditions, the start of a busy day, or anytime you need a quick pick-me-up!

Product Ingredients (and just some of their skin benefits)

  • Purified Distilled Water
  • Natural Emulsifier (combines ingredients)
  • Pure Cold-Pressed Cucumber Seed Oil
    • Rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E
    • Helps lighten sun spots
    • Reduces redness and irritation
  • Premium-Grade Undiluted Eucalyptus Essential OIl
    • Refreshes the mind and re-energizes the body
    • Helps reduce stress and mood disorders
    • Boosts immunity and helps control allergies, and nasal & sinus problems
  • Premium-Grade Undiluted Lavender Essential Oil
    • Reduces restlessness and agitation
    • Reduces anxiety by affecting the body's fight-or-flight response
    • Helps reduce depression and creates a carefree and happy mood
  • Organic Teas (provides antioxidant & acne benefits)
    • Green Tea
    • Chamomile
    • Peppermint

Product Features

  • 2 fl oz
  • Bottle Width:1.5"
  • Bottle Height:4.9"
  • Reusable/Recyclable amber glass spray bottle

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